Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Renting a Tree House

Tree houses seem to be more of a small town/urban dweller phenomenon.
In the country, you just climbed a tree and sat there if you wanted to be in a tree.
To sleep in a tree, well, maybe it was all the ants, mosquitoes, and black flies that are just part of a tree environment that just made the thought quite unimaginable.  As a country person, you are outside most of the day.   At night you wanted a nice comfty bed inside away from creepy crawlies. Period. I think the closest that country Midwesterners got to voluntarily sleeping out of doors would be a screened in porch on hot muggy nights.
Here in sunny, practically bug free California (well, there are always ants) a tree house sounds quaint and just down right fun.
I saw a blurb just a while ago on one of the national morning shows…can’t call them morning news shows anymore, rather they usually consist of going over and over and over the most recent horrible and tragic events or just snippets of rag gossip… but this day they did have a one minute segment on a website where you can rent more unusual accommodations around the world. Tree Houses were quite predominant.
I even saw one tree house set up for overnight accommodations that was advertised on the site  in a town down south of San Francisco in Burlingame.  It is just in the backyard of a couple’s home. What kind of insurance do you need to carry in order to protect yourselves from malicious people who love to sue people even though it may be their own darn fault in the long run that they want to sleep in a tree?  One slip on the stair…BOOM. Too bad that one thinks of those things these days.  It is a must for any business, especially when renting a tree house.   I know that if I had the money and vacation time, I could see myself venturing out and up.  Why not? A tiny adventure.