Monday, July 22, 2013

The Hammock

For me, there is nothing so soothing and relaxing than lying in a hammock on a perfect summer day.  Just a bit of a breeze causes the garden chimes to ring every so softly behind me.  The sun, lower in the sky in the evening, creates the perfect combination of coolness and warmth that bakes my old bones through and through, forcing them to let go of tensions of the day.   The gentle, almost infinitesimal rocking of the hammock somehow hypnotizes each grouping of my muscles into letting go, letting be.
I can feel my body start falling asleep, one atom at a time, my mind still very present though, so relaxed and in the moment.
I never experience this other than in the hammock and I relish and anticipate it.
Slowly I fall towards the precipice of sleep, though rarely does my mind actually leap off.
It is enough to just go absolutely limp.
Then very slowly my mind starts processing again and yes, it remembers the wash that needs to go into the dryer or some other mundane project and it is time to move.
And yet, something wonderful happens on that hammock.
I slowly roll myself off absolutely relaxed, yet refreshed, and I am ready to venture back to the tasks of the evening.
                                                                                     copyright 2013 Stepka