Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Us Fossils in America

Here's the crazy thing.
Maybe it was the heat.
Maybe it was, of course, having left two pairs of reading glasses in the car, but not on the head, when heading into a thrift shop and being thoroughly disgusted with oneself when I realized I could not read a damn thing.
But browsing through the book section (where I found that wonderful book by Annie Lamott) I glanced up and saw the title "Fossils in America".
My absolute first thought was that it was about us folks of a certain generation.
Us, not so far in to the future to be, Fossils.

Maybe it was also that I had to just buy two more pairs of reading glasses (now in a higher optic) because I am constantly misplacing them.  You set a pair down and POOF the eyeglass goblin grabs them and takes them off to his lair!

I used to laugh at my brother when he was constantly pulling out a pair from his pockets, glove compartment (really? glove compartment...wow is dated..what the heck do they call those cubby holes in cars now?) and who knows how many pairs stashed about his apartment.  Ahh, to be comeuppanced and dragged back down to the realities of aging. It's a natural process.

But I am fighting it to the best of my ability.  Going to the gym, exercising my bum knees on the elliptical,  taking a great class that almost absolutely kills you twice a week (how many fricking deep knee bends with weights and killer pushups can one expect to really be able to do in one hour without fainting), and trying to eat right (I swear this week I will stop with the scones every morning), taking vitamins and so on.
But those eyes, nothing to do about that one.
Yes. It's a slow slide into hell.

I am just hoping that a million years from now, someone will dig up my fossils, look at them and comment on how healthy (minus the knee replacements) this 100 year old woman  was when she passed.

Too bad I plan on being cremated.

                                                                 copyright  2013  Stepka