Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Age Appropriate Clothing

I was reading an entry from Maria's Wulf's blog this morning... "wear what makes makes you feel good"...and it hit on the 'age' old question about age appropriate clothing ideals.
I am a major thrift shopper like Maria and in many ways it opens up your mind to clothing possibilities.  You are just rummaging through racks of womens clothing that is all bunched together.  Nothing is labeled as 'junior' or 'misses' or 'womens'.  Sometimes I do wish they would separate out the exercise and tall sizes, but then again, by rummaging through it all, you may stumble over something that you find very interesting and young feeling. My brain does do the flippy every so often when holding up an item of clothing and asks itself..."too young?"
Yes, I have stumbled over the 50 barrier and darn it...looking back at what I wore in the past, I never wore 'young' clothes.  It was always jeans, tees, button up shirts, trousers...Boring!  The majority of my younger days, I worked in display and merchandising and never really had cause to wear much of anything different.
When I got into sales, the only time it seemed I had fun wearing clothes was when I wore a longer skirt with boots.
Now, leggings are all the rage and I must say I love the look of leggings over tunics and dresses. You can wear some 'cuter' younger looking dress tops if you wear them over leggings.
There is not just one trend out there now like in the 'good ole days'.  Anything pretty much goes, as long as you put it together properly and...if it fits your body type and life style.
'Body type appropriate' is a good phrase in exchange for 'age appropriate'.  Also the question 'where are you going to wear this?' is another great alternative question to add to the mix.
For example, pajama bottoms.  I thought that trend was mainly with teenagers.  I use to see them ramble into stores and thought...un huh?  Yet...the young girls in their pink striped bottoms and usually zippered hooded jackets looked cute.  New trend.
Now I see 30 and 40+ year women AND men rambling into the grocery store in ramshackled PJ bottoms and tees.  ??? 
Some clothing should stay inside the home.
Everyone is into exercise these days and that has busted 'age appropriate' barries all around.  You never would have seen my mother or anyone elses mother of the last generation running around in tight leggings and exercise tops.  Yes, in the big cities maybe....the 80's aerobics trend brought alot of women out of the closet and into the gym and studios.  Now pretty much any type of exercise gear is fashionable. Gym, Yoga, Track suits are still out is up to you to cover up parts if needed.
So it just comes down to what is appropriate on your type of body, what looks good on your body type, and maybe what works fine at home, not always is appropriate outside the home or gym.
But at home...what the hell.  If I want to wear a flirty, junioresque spaghetti strap top/dress with tee and jeans...yup.
You are only as young as you feel.  And sometimes clothes do help.
Anyways, I missed out when I was 'young'.

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