Sunday, August 11, 2013

Barn Owl Boxes...Eat those Gophers!

I was just lazying on a Sunday afternoon in my hammock, listening to my wind chimes chime away, when there came right over the fence, a distinct digging sound.
Being ever so comfortable, I tried to ignore it, but then my curiosity just got the better of me.
There was a group of 3 guys pounding a hole into the ground and on a truck next to them was a very familiar object.
I had been very good and went on a walk/run this morning, and I noticed in the open space above my home, similar tall poles with boxes on them.  The first one I saw made me think one of the homes just put up a gigantic bird house.  Then I noticed that the boxes and poles followed me on my run.
They were spaced out every few 100 feet at the bottom of the hill on the open space land.
Now they have appeared behind my home.
I yelled down to the guys what they were for, and sure enough, they are barn owl encourage those night time creatures to come on over and gobble up all the offending gophers on the hillsides. 
My hillside is full of holes, but with all the neighborhood cats prowling the hill, along with the resident hawks, crows and fox and ....let's see...well, deer, but they don't care....well, all I can say is WELCOME OWLS to the menagerie which is my back yard!
Actually, I know I have heard the owls in the eucalyptus trees on the opposite hill, but how nice of the local humans to build more shelter for them.

Might be a nice hawk resting place too....and perfect view to get some great photos if that does happen.

The rural road I take to work and back have barn owls roosting on the telephone and electrical wires every night. 
I wrote a little story about that.  A good one I think.

                                                            copyright 2013 Stepka