Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Drama Trauma in the Amimal World

Feeding time for the Donkey, Mule and Horse…and I am reminded of all the unstated rules and regulations animals have between one another.

It is well known that Wolves and Tigers …wild animals…have feeding rules and regulations according to  hierarchy and the fittest, as to who eats first and whom can eat next to whom, but it still somewhat surprises me to see it in domesticated animals.  

The horse is definitely dominate.   She goes for the first slice of hay tossed over the fence.  The donkey comes close and eyes her eating, but you can tell she knows better than to venture close or to get her snout anywhere near that fine lush bundle of green.  Soon two other pieces come flying over and the mule starts munching the second and the donkey joins her….old friends?  Let’s make that staged companions.  The poor mule did not have a choice of companions, the donkey just showed up one day and gradually had to be tolerated. Thru the first stages of forced companionship, I had seen the mule barely tolerating the overzealous donkey.  The donkey so longing for the mule’s friendship and company that she is was  (and still is sometimes) like a nasty black blowfly, constantly buzzing about your head.

Then the horse showed up years later…nasty squirmishes became routine between all.  Separate housing had to be established for a while for everyone to become at least tolerant of the other and for hierarchy to be established…and so it goes. 

This morning, Fitz the cat sauntered majestically out into the yard, smelling all his sacred smelly spots, re spraying where needed to reestablish his territory, and reclaiming his kingdom.  He eyed the fence dividing the two residences, his little kitty brain churning, running a mile a minute… thinking that that cat next door might just need a little reminder today about who is king in this neighborhood.  


So much drama trauma out there in the world of ‘domesticated’ animals.

                                                                            copyright 2013 Stepka