Tuesday, November 17, 2015

November Light

Crisp Blue Skies
Impossibly beautiful sun lit red and orange leaves dancing against the sky.

Smoky mold scented leaves underfoot.
Frozen cheeks, chilly fingers.
Runny Noses.

Clusters of red berries on bushes, birds startled,  flushing from branches.
Fox stock still, peering at ground, about to pounce on her morning meal.

Crow calls.  
Long dark shadows.
Dog tail wagging and wuffing and smiling.  Their human mouthing hello, not wanting to break the spell.

Old Majestic Oaks hibernating, bare limbs resting heavily on the ground.

Wistful Thoughts.

Meandering Walks.

Warmth of the sun breaking thru the crisp air.

                                                                                                               copyright 2015 Stepka