Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Lightning the cat

                                                                                                                copyright Stepka 2016

Lightning is a neigborhood cat that, of course, has a story.

I had walked thru this neighborhood on the way to and from work.  I never knew his name until one  evening after I had stopped to pet him on the sidewalk and then walked away, I heard a man's voice shouting in a very terse voice, "Lightning, get out ahere!  Lightning! Lightning! Go home!"

I looked around trying to see some dog named Lightning who had gotten off his lease and may have been going after the poor kitty I had just petted.

Nope.  That poor little kitty was Lightning and the man was holding the lease of a standard poodle, trying to chase the ''poor little' kitty off their path.  And Lightning  was not moving an inch.

Apparently, poor little kitty is the terror of the neighborhood, at least when it came to allowing dogs to cross his path.

Just gotta love it.