Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Bucolic Scene - Lambs acting like Starlings

                                                                                                            copyright 2016 Stepka

I was watching the newborn lambs playing in the pasture right past sunset.  Too dark for my camera to capture. 
There are around 13 now frolicking up and down the hill and it struck me that they looked liked a flock of starlings in the gathering gloom.  They would all run and jump together, then a few would break from the 'flock' and then meet up again.  A dark moving mass of activity and joy. 
A yearling lamb joined in even.  Strange, but nice to see the now fully frocked sheep still had the lamb inside her and the agility to keep up!
That's what I feel while riding my bike down a nice steep hill...bumping over the cracks in the pavement, wind whistling by my ears.  A kid again!