Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Working vs Non Working Dogs ?

                                                                                          copyright 2016 Stepka

I grew up with dogs on the farm that were working, outside dogs...working for their keep.
Yes, we petted them, but they were independent, somewhat wolf-like in their lifestyle.
Many farmers kept their dogs chained up at night.  You had to because if these dogs did have a wild streak and if they got into another farmers pasture late at night and went after chickens or sheep, that dog would not be around much longer once the neighbor tracked it down.  There were rules...and if the farmer let their dogs run free into trouble, well, unfortunately it came down to the dogs fault, not their humans.

I love that most dogs now have a different, much easier life, are loved and fed and played with...even little "yappy" dogs.  Humans value their camaraderie and playfulness and even protectiveness.  That is their work keep their human happy..and may even get them outside for some needed fresh air and exercise!